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HI, and welcome to Ecoolife org In this introductory video, I am going to explain for you our

organization, showing why this free ecological platform was created and how it can make it possible for all of us, using only 80 seconds of our time:

To increase our global quality of life.

To Save our planet for the next generations.

To help on the global fight against poverty and misery.

To Create a global fair trade.

To Empower our governments.

To increase the social and environmental commitment in all

planet. And much more. And the best in Ecoolife, is that we are always going to have

have plenty of business opportunities for you and for all your family, everything here is free, no donations needed or even subscriptions.


Before I begin, I would like to mention something…I believe that you already heard about a scientist named Stephen Hawking. Well, he said that because our global warming, and our lack of environmental and social behavior, we are reducing our existence on earth to 100  years left. In other words, it means that our quality of life will be decreasing every year until our extinction in 100 years. And it isn’t hard to agree with his ideas, since our global

population in the next 100 years will be around 14 billion people, almost the double we have today. And our resources are not going to be enough if we keep using them the way we are doing.


It is a fact that environmental and social commitment are the most profitable way of life, and also that this information is available everywhere. Anyway, the problem that we have is that 80% of our population earns less them 10$ a day, and because that, they are forced  to dedicate all their available time on the search of any opportunities that would improve their quality of life. And since that environmental and social commitment requires a little bit time to learn, and it also cannot fix financial problems instantaneously, most part of our population remains not attracted to it.


And the Ecoolife platform was created to solve this problem for all of us, bringing for all of us, the most incredible ecological business opportunities, and with this, we are going to be motivating all planet to dedicate their time and effort to understand better the profitability and importance of environmental and social behavior.


And our platform works like that … Basically, Ecoolife motivates companies, to develop very ecological products on the behalf of poor and unemployed people, and with these ecological products, the ecoolife expects to attract anyone that is looking for a job opportunity to our platform. And Since that all opportunities are going to be excellent and ecological, it will be motivating all beneficiaries to take part in our business training program about the ecological market and of how profitable environmental and social behavior can be to anyone.


Well, but to motivate all developers and beneficiaries to apply themselves in our platform, we must to make these business opportunities the best and the most profitable as possible for both sides.

And to make it happen, ecoolife allows all developers to have a sophisticated version of the donated product intended to be sold on a market with a bigger purchasing power that will be above the market that is intended to our beneficiaries. And also to be posting an evaluation request in all social media’s , asking users to go to our voters page in our platform, and to evaluate the donated product simply watching a short video .


The intention behind this market research using the global social  media, is to know the acceptance of each product in all regions of the planet, making it possible for all beneficiaries to choose the most profitable business opportunity according with its acceptance on region that they are going to work. But it will also be an excellent free visualization for  all associated companies, due the growth of recognition and admiration of they Trademark what consequently will increase their earnings in all world.


And this is exactly what we need, an excellent business opportunity for both sides! That will always bring more companies and beneficiaries to our platform, helping us to spread out the importance and profitability of social and environmental commitment on the entire planet


And With the growth of job opportunities, environmental and social behavior in all world, all governments are going to be expending always less with  prisons, sanitation, hospitals, and other expenses that are basically growing today, because our lack of job opportunities, social and environmental commitment. And  it consequently, will be empowering our governments, to invest on improvement projects just like new universities, schools, nurseries, ecological researches, or any other necessary project that will be created to improve the quality of life of their population.


With time, the growth of job opportunities in the third world will automatically create a global fair trade. with our platform offering opportunities in all countries, all companies are going to pay better for their employees, since otherwise, their employees, may prefer to be a beneficiary in Ecoolife instead been 


Well, I believe that many people will think that our platform will make products a little more

expensive, and it is true. anyway, what looks expensive, is in reality just the fair price for a hard work.


But it will also be good for the environment. Since with a fair trade the competition between the industries will turn its focus to quality, specially durability. And with costumers paying more for their products, they are going to ask for it. And customers are going to start buying  just what they need, use what they buy, and also to reuse things more than they are already doing.


In the end, this platform will bring a perfect balance between industry, customers and commerce, and different than people may think, it will be much more profitable for everyone.


Every time that you vote on a new Ecoolife product, you are automatically supporting the existence of this platform, that will be there for you as well. Well, I hope that you never need us, but you must to agree that it is very good to have a platform like that, that will always have a good opportunity for your region, just like a safe haven.



And as a social media voter, every time that you help on the

evaluation of a new opportunity in Ecoolife, you will be helping to spread how efficient, less expensive, durable, attractive, functional, simple and perfect ecological answers can be, what will be creating a new ecological philosophy of consumption and demand, that consequently will motivate all companies to review their philosophies of development, respecting this new ecological tendency that highlights quality.


And since a voter can have all of it, dedicating just 80 seconds of their time. Now, I believe that you agree that these 80 second are going to be the most profitable moment in your life. Even if you would be the most rich person in the world, …After all, what would be of all the money in the world, without the world?


And as I already said, to be a voter on Ecoolife, you don’t need to give us any private data, email, telephone or even to make subscriptions. Actually, it is really simple, free, and anonymous. Every time that you see a new Ecoolife post on your social media, you just need to click on the available link, and it will bring you to the voters page of Ecoolife. There, you just need to click on the new product picture, to watch a 60 seconds short video, select your country, select your evaluational opinion, and share our post on your social media. And that is everything, practically, 5 clicks and with a minute video in between.


And here in Ecoolife, you can be everything, a voter, a beneficiary, a developer, or the 3 in the same time, and everything is Free. But remember the importance of voting and sharing our posts on your social media.


And in the case that you want to do more for us, well, you can be also a volunteer for example, helping us to translate our material for your language.


So, As you can see, the Ecoolife platform is working already, and I would like to invite you to make your first evaluation of our first product “The Clip-Chain Key-Finder System” . It is really important that you vote on all products, anyway, this first product is the most important, since the results of this voting is what will be motivating our first developers, and

beneficiaries to take part of our platform. Anyway, I guarantee that you are going to be amazed with the Clip-Chain, and of how a very complicated electronic product as a Key-Finder for Mobile phones, that normally leaves ecological footprints everywhere, can also be 100% ecological, the most efficient, less expensive, the most durable and all of it, on a very simple product that leaves zero ecological footprints in our planet. This product was developed by Ecoolife respecting all the 10 Ecoolife standards, it is already available for all Ecoolife beneficiaries in your country, and it is just waiting for your evaluation.


So, I would like to thank you very much for your time, I wish

you all the best..


and… Welcome to ecoolife.


The Clip-Chain Key-Finders System

The Clip Chain is the most perfect ecological answer for Key-Finders, it is 100% ecological, the most efficient method, the most durable answer, the less expensive and very simple. Just like all Ecological products need to be. No industrial process used or environmental resources.

No Ecological footprints.

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