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Basically, Ecoolife motivate companies, to develop very ecological products on the behalf of poor and unemployed people with the intention to attract anyone that is looking for a job opportunity to our platform. Anyway, to motivate all developers and beneficiaries to apply themselves in our platform, we must to make those business opportunities the best and the most profitable as possible for both sides.


And  to make it happen, makes a market research with the help of the social media with the intention show to all beneficiaries what is the acceptance of each product in all regions of the planet, making it possible for all beneficiaries to choose the most profitable business opportunity according with its acceptance in their region. 


Anyway, this market research will also be an excellent free visualization for companies, that will reinforce their trademark, increasing their earnings, recognition, admiration in all world.


And this is why the ecoolife depends of all social media to give us only 80 seconds of their time on our voting program every time that they receive a evaluation post of the Ecoolife on their social media account. 


Please choose the language that better suits you and start right now your evaluation, and please, don't forget to share when you com back on your social media.


Thank you


Your Ecoolife.

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