How profitable is to be a Ecoolife Developer?


Currently, the development of ecological products are not attracting investors. Companies believe that an ecological product could never be so profitable than a non ecological product, and they are partially right. 


Differently than a non ecological answers, ecological answers apparently should be better, they can be made to be the most durable, the most efficient, it has a better acceptance by costumers, and since it uses less material, it can also be the less expensive answer in the market.


The problem on the development of ecological products, is direct related to its copyright. A real ecological product must to reduce the industrial processes to keep its ecological appearance on the shelfs, and for this reason, it ends up as a very easy manufacturable product that could be reproduced by anyone, and because that, it is impossible for any ecological product to be competitive against a non ecological product for the simple fact that a non ecological product uses sophisticated industrial process that cannot be reproduced easily. 


Apparently, to make a perfect ecological product that would be the most easy manufacturable as possible in behalf of poor and unemployed people, and to begin a process of teaching anyone of how to produce your invention would just make things worst.  Anyway, The Ecoolife platform is proving that it is a much better business than any other one could be.


When you create a business opportunity for poor people in Ecoolife, you will be asked to develop two versions of the same product, one version will be yours, and the other will be donated to all Ecoolife beneficiaries.  On the second phase, Ecoolife will help you to make a "Global Research Video" that will ask all social media to evaluate this opportunity that you create for poor people around the world asking the social media to dedicate only 80 seconds of their time to evaluate your product and to select the country where they are currently living. In this research, all social media will be informed about how profitable and important their vote would be to all world, since it will be helping all beneficiaries on the choice of the best business opportunities according with its acceptance in their region, what will considerably increase their chances of success motivating new beneficiaries.


This evaluational made by the social midia will be profitable for them as well. Since the result of their evaluation will give to all beneficiaries real chances to success, and consequently the right motivation to learn with our platform the importance and profitability of environmental and social commitment. All of it will also increase job opportunity around the globe what consequently will force companies that are exploitening workers to pay their works a more fair salary. And all of it toguether will empower all governments with the reducing of governamental expenses on reactive measures, allowing governments to invest more on proactive measures as universities, schools, nurseries, culture etc..


In Ecoolife everyone will profit, all workers, unemployed people, poor people, governments and you, as a developer, will receive all the recognition for that. People will be visiting your website to buy your version (Only you can sell in the internet), and all these people will be seeing all the other products and services that you have to offer.



The first step for you to be a Ecoolife developer would be to contact Ecoolife using our  Developers Google Form. After you contact us, we are going to send you all the rules and information that you need to know.


Anyway, basically, for you to be a developer in Ecoolife, you need to develop a product that respects all the 10 standards assinged bellow:


1 - The most ecological product as possible


2 - The most efficient product as possible


3 - The less expensive product as possible


4 - The most functional product as possible


5 - The most durable product as possible


6 - You product must to increase the quality of life of people


7 - Your product must to reduce the industrialization processes to its maximum.


8 - You must to develop a reusable and ecological answer as packaging for your product


9 - You product must to belong to a global market


10 - You must to create a very easy manufacturable version of your product that will be made by pieces that anyone can buy in retail websites.


Believe-me, it is not that hard, and if you need our help to achieve all standards, we are here to help you, and just like everything here, it is also 




Please contact Ecoolife at anytime to have more information about any question you may have, you to evaluate your idea as well using our

Developers Google Form.

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In this video, you are going to find slides that explain all Ecoolife platform with more details:





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