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“One thing that you must to have in mind as an environmentalist, is that your profits are much bigger than what you can see. Every time you save the Environment, only one part of this money will be in your pocket, anyway, your earnings are much bigger than that, and sometimes, 1000 times bigger. But this biggest part, are the environmental and social benefits that are going to be spread on your society, just like many drops of water in the ocean. 


This kind of information that I just gave you, and other understandings and associations relating environmentalism and social commitment is what will make the difference for you when representing the Ecoolife front of your costumer. 


It will always be good for you to have in mind how profitable environmental behavior can be to each individual person, and to be able to satisfy any questions of your costumers relating your business. You must to research for having a deeper knowledge, to be able to go farther them anyone, and to prove at any time, and in any circumstances, that your business is the best.


Your costumers are going to ask you, why you are taking part of an environmental organization, and some costumers are going to say that "Environmentalism is fake news”, and you must to be ready to answer any question, with kindness and respectfully. Don't be afraid to help anybody to be free of their misinformation and false conception. When you visit any costumer, accept that your responsibility is not to sell, it is to bring to him and to all of us a better life, and never, never give up, since the mankind depends on you. 


Be active, search the internet about environmentalism, but the most important, be an environmentalist yourself, discover things by yourself, improve your own life before trying to improve others lives, it will help you to develop a very special and particular observations about your region, and it will be a great plus for you when trying to bring anyone the amazingness of environmental and social behavior. And don’t worry, you are selling a better world, fair, with opportunities for everyone, your are saving the humanity, and because that, you are free to exaggerate. 


But now, let us see some basic points together about environmentalism and social behavior, just choose a picture and click on it, in each picture, you will find a new lesson... And always come back here, Ecoolife will be constantly placing new lessons for you.


Your Ecoolife. 


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