Clip-Chain Basics or Key-Finder




•    Manufacturer's name : ECOOLIFE


•    Product number 047 //  Name : Clip-Chain Terra


•    Available package - Waterproof mobile case


•    Device properties :


The Clip-Chain Terra system is basically an intelligent keychain developed to be fasten to any conventional mobile phone case or mobile wallet case for mobile phone, and it gives to its  users the possibility to find all their important basic items calling their mobile phone.  With this, all users of a Chip-Chain can find their basic items simply calling their own mobile phone, using a land line, an old mobile phone, internet calling apps as Skype, and if you have one of those moderns smart phones, you can even use it to track your basic itens in all of your country using GPS apps available in your mobile. The principle is very simple, you install your Clip-Chain, call your phone, it will ring, and you find your keys or basic itens.


•    Recommended operating conditions:


Maximum recommended weight including, mobile phone and case is 200gr


•    Material:


Hard Connector - Hard metal.

Cable - Steel cable covered with plastic.

Button (Regulation) - Hard metal.

The rest of the pieces are made by stainless steel.


•    Safety Data:


1 - the Clip-Chain is all made in metal and may conduct electric charges.

2 - the Clip-Chain is really strong, please pay attention, it could cause physical damage when pulled or pushed away.

3 - we don't know any allergic reaction, if you realize any reaction of your skin and search your doctor immediately.

4 - children should not install the Clip-Chain even with adult supervision.

5 - the Clip-Chain has small detachable pieces on the hard connector, please search immediately a doctor if for accident a child swallow any part. 

6 - the water proof case, gave as packaging also contains small detachable parts, please let it far from small children.




The installation is very simple for anyone - If you doesn't fell yourself comfortable to install the Clip-Chain, ask a more skilled person to do it for you. Please, be free to visit our website and watch our video of how to install your clip-chain.



 1 - Detach Hard Connector from our Clip-Chain (If it is already not detached)


2 - Use a puncher 3mm or use the drill bit of 3mm that you received on your Clip-Chain Terra to produce a little hole on the wherever you like on your case. We advise that you buy a wallet case for your phone and perform a hole on the middle top of your case 7mm bellow the top edge. (See pic)





3 - Unscrew the screw from the back of the Hard-Connector and place it on the hole you made from inside.


4 - Place the Hard-Connector on the top of the screw from the outside of your case and do a half turn on the screw (Not on the hard connector) turn the screw with your fingers.


5 - Now you can center the Hard-Connector that is in the front part of your mobile case. The Hard-Connector has 3 fixing pins that stop its rotation, you cannot fasten the screw before to center the hard connector because it will not move afterwards. 


6 - And after you centered the Hard-Connector you may fasten the screw until its maximum (You don’t need fasten it to much).


That is everything,  now you just need to place your keys on your Clip-Chain, our mobile on your case and after click it to the hard connector you are ready to go. 


About the Clip-Chain Terra:




Rotative key ring System.

Button for Regulation of your keychain length in relation of your mobile.

Stainless Steel cable with strong transparent plastic cover.

Hard Connector with pins to avoid rotation and lost

Small carabiner made by strong metal.

High Resistance.


This is definitely the most convenient way to find your basic itens, no software to learn, no bluetooth connection required, just a simple call. 



And the technology used in any mobile phone, is far better than any key-finder could ever dream. And this is why the Clip-Chain basics finder system is definitely the most efficient basics finder system ever made.


And, since ou need a keychain anyway, when choosing a Clip-Chain, you receive a key-finder for free. And it means, that you don't need anymore buy a ineffective Key-Finder anymore. And also, that when you buy a Clip-Chain you receive a virtual key-finder 100% free and consequently 100% ecological. With Clip-Chain you don't need to expend any environmental resource to have the best keyfinder ever invented.


And to make the Clip-Chain basics finder system even better,  the Clip-Chain Terra is also the most durable, it is made by steel, very strong and made to be reusable. Any time you upgrade your mobile phone, you just need to buy a new case, and reinstall your old Clip-Chain on it with two very easy steps, drill, screw and ready.


IMPORTANT : Please contact Ecoolab anytime to make any question in the case that you are intending to make anything that wasn’t mentioned in this document. Ecoolife will not take any responsibility for any inappropriate use of this product.  


Thank you for your understanding.


Ricardo Porto.


Ecoolife - Anzinger strasse 13, 85586 Poing by München. Germany


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