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To administrate your small business you are going to do alone the job of many employees. Anyway, this is the idea behind  Ecoolife, that you learn everything about how to administrate a small business, from administrating your business, to the production of your products and the contact with your costumers. It will be a hard job on the begin, but soon you learn ti, you are going see that it wans't so hard, and in this moment, you are going to be heady to have your own ideas, producing your own products, and maybe, you will have your own invention on Ecoolife as a developer and to profitise  with your own company.  Everything is possible, specially if you administrate your business well.


The administrative part is the heart of your small business, here is where you are going to make you financial control and plan accourding with your possibilities. This is the part that will allow you to make your company grow.


The first thing that you need to do is to go to your govenment and ask if you need to pay any fee to start with your business, and also if you must to pay taxes of your production. It is really important to have any information that you receive on paper, to make it possible to prove it if necessary. 


After you have asked your government is time to know how much you want to invest in your product. 


All available ptoducts for your region are going to have on the products page a table with the cost of material for 50 units. Anyway, you must to take in consideration that you may need some tools to produce your products, and also to have some money as reserve and transportation for visiting your costumer. 


Try to don't dream to high, start small and just invest in what is extreamelly necessary. If your costumer asks you why you don't have a mobile phone, or better clothes, you can always say that you are an environmentalist and you are used to solve your issues in another more environmental way. But, never, buy a new mobile phone. Paper and pen will do the work on the begining and it is much more environmental friendly than a tablet or mobile.


To administrate your small business, you need to understand a little bit of how to control your expenses, anyway, it will be very simple since your small business will be really small. Most part of the beneficiaries are going to work with only one product or two, and it will not ask to much of contability.


Soon, we are going to give you good examples of how to make your account in a very easy way, just be connected to our <Go-adm>, but anyway, we can anticipate some tips for you right now. Only use 20% of your capital on the begin, not more and keep a record of all your expenses. The calculation of the final price is really simple, and for that you just need to follow the example below.




Now, lets take in consideration that you may need 3 minutes to built your product and it means that you will need 2,5 hours to built 50 units ( You can find the price calculation on the page of each product on the beneficiaries page


Now, lets calculate the price of this production, taking in consideration that the cost of suplies for 50 units would be 86€, the time used to built 50 units would be two and a half hours, and the price for the hour of work would be 8€:


Price A = Cost of supplies + ( Time of work x €8 hour)

Price A = 86€ +( 2,5 x 8) 

Price A = 86€ + 20

Price A = 106€


Price B = Cost of supplies  x 3 

Price B = 86€ x 3

Price B = 258


Agora que sabemos os valores de Price A e Price B, vamos aplicar estes valores em uma formula final:


Final Price = Price A + Price B / 2

Final Price =  106 + 258 / 2

Final Price =  106 + 129

Final Price =  235€ 


Selling price for 50 units = 235. / Selling price per unit : € 4,70.


Profits per 2,50 hours of production = € 149 for 2:30 hours OR 59,60€ per hour.

Profits per unit or €2,98.


Lets say that you can produce for 2:30 hours every day, and lets count the month as 22 days long.

Your profits per month for 55 hours would be:


 55 x 59,60 = € 3,278.00 (Profits)...


Apenas lembre-se de que, como empresa, você tem que pagar seus impostos, aposentadoria, atendimento médico, etc ... Parece muito bom dinheiro, mas na realidade é o mesmo que se você trabalhasse para uma empresa, ganhando 1500 € . E o mais importante é que, para vender 50 unidades por dia, você deve ser um bom ambientalista. Não é fácil, então, comece pequeno e vá crescendo devagar.​









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