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Clip-Chain TERRA




The best and ecological key-finder ever made is just a key-chain?


Yes, the Clip-Chain is a very special key-chain. It was specially developed to be installed on your mobile phone and to give you the possibility

to find your keys using your mobile phone. 

After install your Clip-Chain on any mobile case or wallet case, you just need to call your mobile to find your keys.

With the Clip-Chain you have much more than a simple key-chain.


*100% FREE Basics-finder System (You need a key-chain anyway, but just the clip-chain gives you the possibility to use your mobile as key-finder)                      

     *100% Ecological Key-Finder. No waisting of environment resources to have an electronic key-finder. 

     *The most efficient Key-Finder ever invented! Nothing is better than your phone, it has the best pick-up technology, and you can even use real time tracking applications as find my iPhone, Androide, Sony etc..

     * The most durable! It is reusable, at any time you just need to unscrew the Clip-Chain and reinstall it any other case!

     * The most convenient to use!  No Bluetooth, no complications, with the Clip-Chain system you just need to call your own mobile phone.


You call, your phone rings, and you find all your basics (Wallet mobile case) or just your keys (Skin case), and then, you are ready to go.



And there is much more!!!

Even our packaging is intelligent and ecological!

When you buy a Clip-Chain, you receive a high quality waterproof case as packaging. 

And it means... Well, you are saving money and natural resources with ricoolab again.


Well, as you can see, the Clip-Chain Terra is the most efficient, ecological, less expensive, conventional and strong Key-Finder ever invented, and because its quality and durability Ricoolab can

do even more for you: 


A 5 years guarantee! 

You never had so much from a Key-Chain isn`t?


And there is more:


you also receive from Ricoolab 60 days money back guarantee without questions.


The Clip-Chain Terra can change your life for much better, no more stress when searching your keys anymore.


And after all... if you need a Key-Chain anyway, why not to have the best ever made. 


 RICOOLAB, we work hard to give you the best.



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