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What is a Clip-Chain Terra?


Material: All made by stainless steel and hard metal.

Guarantee : 30 days money back / 5 years guarantee for repairing.


**Please note that Ecoolife or Riccolab cannot be responsible for any lost or damage that the clip-chain may cause. 

Clip-Chain Terra is exactly what you need to keep constant control of your basics and eliminate the possibilite of acute stress for loosing basics. With this new revolutionary method you don’t need anymore to buy key-finders to control your wallet and keys. the Clip-Chain System gives you the possibility to use your mobile phone as the only mechanism needed to control your basics, and it means that you can save with this simple and revolutionary system more than €80.00 that you would expend to buy two key-finders to control your wallet and keys, and moreover the Clip-Chain system is much more efficient than any key-finder on the market. 

When you choose to use this system, you are definitely having the best, most efficient, most ecological, most convenient and the most durable finder system ever invented in a unique and simple invention.

The Clip-Chain is basically the best set-up for your basics. It groups your wallet, keys and your mobile phone in a very practical and convenient way, after that, you just need to call your mobile phone number from your landline, from other mobile phone or even use GPS apps to locate your mobile phone and consequently your Clip-Chain with all your connected basics.

The Clip-Chain system gives you much more than a simple control of your basics. In today's times, we are all living in constant stress, and moreover we need to be concerning about our basics. People doesn’t realize how much stress their basics can cause, in average, and even in their homes, people are thinking about their basics more than a 100 times a day, and this mania can easily become an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) caused by Athazagoraphobia (Fear of loosing things), affecting their development and life. This stress could be easily eliminated if people would use a better system that would bring a definitive answer for this discomfort. And the Clip-Chain is definitely this answer, it groups all your basics with your mobile phone, doesn’t ask any extra investment and using it you just need to charge your phone and finally relax.

With Clip-Chain you don’t expend any cent buying a key-finder. The bests ordinary basic-finders in the market costed more than €48.00, and the Clip-Chain system is far better than any of those expensive key-finders, our system uses the power of your mobile phone as the finder mechanism, and because that, we could say that with the Clip-Chain, you receive two key-finders for FREE, one for your wallet and one for your keys. 

But believe me, with Clip-Chain you receive even more! Because our ecological packaging philosophy, with every buy of a Clip-Chain, you will receive a FREE water-resistant bag as packaging from Ecoolab. 

With the Clip-Chain System you are definitely giving more value for your money, but also saving our planet of waisting environmental resources since the Clip-Chain just use things you already need. But speaking of ecology, It is also important to mention that a small lithium battery used for all conventional key-finders can be alone the responsible for the contamination of 10.000 liters of groundwater. Now, if with a Clip-Chain System you eliminate the need of two conventional key-finders for your wallet and keys, you are saving 20.000 litters each six months, because six months is the average lifetime of this kind of battery. And let us say that in the worst case you would live another 40 years. Well, it would make 80 batteries x 10.000 liters… congratulations, you just save a little lake of 800.000 liters. 

Well, there is much more to say, you have guarantee 30 days money back with no questions, one year free fix for defected pieces, well, you just need to pay the post fees and we are going to fix it for you. I could say as well that Ecoolab was created to be a good deed ecological company, we invented new ecological answers and we teach poor families around the world to produce our inventions (Just like the Clip-Chain) helping many families to increase their monthly income. We support new ecological inventors to find investors etc… Well, you can be sure that if you buy our product, you will be supporting an excellent group, that is working very hard to make your life, your friends lives, and the your world, always a better place for all of us.

I really hope that now you are convinced that the Clip-Chain Finder System is the most intelligent, the most efficient, the most convenient, the most ecological,  and definitely the best buy. But if you have any other question please contact us, I will be personally answer your questions as fast as possible.

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