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First of all, I would like to specially thank you for visiting this page, and to congratulate you for your choice in being a donator. 


But before you make your donation, I would like introduce you our company, principals and standards:


When I decided to create my own organization, I wanted to develop the most perfect organization ever made, that would not just care about its costumers, but that would try to care about all world, taking social responsibilities to its maximum. And today I am proud to have created the


Ecoolife, is very young but very innovative organization, and our goal is to create new free, excellent, and ecological business opportunities to increase the income of pour families, or anyone around the world. Increasing the environmental and social commitment with our training and saving our planet in the same time.


To make it possible, Ecoolife motivate all classes of our society to be committed to ecology and with our global social issues, and to motivate all layers of our society we created a new business model platform that can give to all layers of our society the best kind of business opportunity that they are searching the most.


Everything here is free, no companies, beneficiaries or voters need to pay anything for Ecoolife or even to make donations. 


I can guarantee that you choose the right organization to help, that was created to guarantee the stability of our planet, that is committed with our environmental issues, with the new generation and the future of mankind. 


And because all of it, you can see your donation also as an investment for you and your family.


Welcome to make your donations, and I am sure that I am talking in the name of all planet living creatures when I say it.


Before I finish, I would like to let it clear, that all donations are going to be used only and exclusively on the improvement and life of our platform, and unfortunately, we cannot assure that your donations can be deduced from your yearly taxation.  


Ricardo Porto


CEO Ecoolife.



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