How to install your Clip-Chain in any mobile case or wallet case.

The Clip-Chain is also very easy to be installed in any convencional mobile case. We strongly advice you  to use a wallet mobile case, since it will allow you to have much more of your Clip-Chain. 



If you decide to install a Clip-Chain on a conventional mobile case,  don't forget to place a sticker inside the cover on the screw head from inside. 

It will protect the back of your phone avoiding any contact with the screw head.

And don't place the screw to near the edges, since your case may not fit after, we advice a distance of at least one and a half centimeter of all edges, and pleace don't forget to ask the seller what  cases can be used with a Clip-Chain.



Steps of installation:


    1    Perform a hole on your case on a place that suits you better. We recommend that you perform the hole at least 7mm bellow the top border limiter.

    2    Unscrew the screw of the connector.

    3    Place the screw through the hole from the back of your case, and with the other hand, place together the bold connector on the front side. You may use a screw locker if you want, just to be sure that the screw will never, ever loose, but it isn't necessary.

    4    Fasten the screw just 3/4 of a turn and centralize the connector on the front.

    5    Fasten the screw all the way, and be sure that the 3 pins of the connector are now inside of the material of your case.

    6    You can now place your mobile on your case and start to use your Clip-Chain.


Please, note that you are the only responsible for any lost or damage that your Clip-Chain can cause. Don't forget to constantly make a simple check to be sure that your Clip-Chain is well fixed on your mobile case.


How easy is to open doors with your Clip-Chain.


The Clip-Chain Terra was developed to be always attached to your mobile case, you can  comfortably open doors and pick up calls with your keys attached to your Wallet Mobile Case or Conventional Mobile Case. Any way, the Clip-Chain Terra was also designed to have a strong, but easy detachment system for any eventuality or activity where you don't want to have your mobile phone attached to your keys. Just like activities as going for Jogging. Please watch the video bellow to see how efficient the Key-Ring Rotor works when opening doors.

Video, how strong is a Clip-Chain Terra?

The Clip-Chain Terra is also very strong, all made by metal and stainless steel. It can support a weight of 5 kilos. Just to give you an Idea, 5 kilos is equivalent to 25 mobiles of 130 gr each, 25 bunch of keys of 60 gr and 25 conventional mobile cases of 5gr all together. And this is why Ecoolife gives you 5 years guarantee and 60 days money back wiith no questioning.


In our shop you can find all sofisticated versions made by developers:

(Beneficiaries versions are only found for purchasing locally)



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