Clip-Chain Terra - The first 100% ecological Key-Finder system

How to install your Clip-Chain

Steps of installation:


    1    Perform a hole on your case on a place that suits you better. We recommend that you perform the hole at least 7mm bellow the top border limiter.

    2    Unscrew the screw of the connector.

    3    Place the screw through the hole from the back of your case, and with the other hand, place together the bold connector on the front side. You may use a screw locker if you want, just to be sure that the screw will never, ever loose, but it isn't necessary.

    4    Fasten the screw just 3/4 of a turn and centralize the connector on the front.

    5    Fasten the screw all the way, and be sure that the 3 pins of the connector are now inside of the material of your case.

    6    You can now place your mobile on your case and start to use your Clip-Chain.


Please, note that you are the only responsible for any lost or damage that your Clip-Chain can cause. Don't forget to constantly make a simple check to be sure that your Clip-Chain is well fixed on your mobile case.

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