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A very famous scientist, physicist and professor, Stephen Hawking, calculated that we would have another 1000 years left in the earth, in the case of a collision of a meteor or comet and other kind of a catastrophe that may happen in the future. But he also said that because our lack of environmental commitment we are reducing this time to 100 years left, in the case that we don’t start taking mesures fast as possible. 


Many scientists share the same ideas of professor Hawking, and it isn’t to hard to agree with his ideas,  since our global population in the next 100 years will be rounding 14 billion people, almost the double we have today. And our resources, unfortunately are not going to be enough. 


I believe that you would agree if I say that we must to do something right now, since otherwise, all mankind, and it may include our children in the list, will be suffering the consequences of the wrong decisions that we are making at this very moment.


To solve this issue, Ecoolife created a new business model to motivate all companies to develop the most ecological products according to the 10 ecoolife standards. Those products are going to be available to all poor people around the world, that are going to choose any available ecological business opportunity to built their own home business.

The intention here is to give poor and unemployed people an opportunity compatible with their personal limitations, that they can perform in the comfort of their homes, but also, to attract them to our long term learning process of how environmental commitment can be profitable to anyone.


And it will work! Because, since all beneficiaries are going to be the owners of a ecological home business, to understand all bases of our ecological and social global issues will be crucial when selling their products, just like a good seller understands the importance of the product they are willing to sell.


And since environmental commitment is very profitable, one time that they  learn it, they will never forget.

Ecoolife will be constantly performing global research for each created opportunity using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and others.


This global research will allow any benefit to increase their chances of success when choosing the best opportunity that would have the best acceptance in their region, and in the same time, companies are going to have an incredible visualization of their brand, with a free global analyze about the offered product, that will boost the sells of other exclusive versions that the company will have.


All of it will be also very profitable for governments and for our working elite that will be our voters on social media.

Since the increase of global environmental commitment and opportunities for poor and unemployed people will empower all countries to invest in improvement projects as new universities, schools, nurseries etc .. since it will considerably reduce the need for investment in remedy projects, just like prisons, local sanitation, and other mesures that are created to fix issues that are caused by the lack of opportunity and environmental or social behavior.


And anyone can be a developer, beneficiary, voter, or even the 3 categories in the same time.


If you would make a cost-benefit analises of each opportunities available on Ecoolife, you will see that it doesn't matter in what layer of the society you are, Ecoolife will always have the best opportunity for you, either as developer, beneficiary or appraiser or the 3 at the same time: 


You can be a developer that will bost your profitability and recognition of your brand just creating a easymanufacturable product in behalf of poor people. 


You can be a beneficiary, producing the best ecological products with a  market reseach already made to help you even more, and all of it for free, and in the confort of your house. 


Or you can be a voter, dedicating just couple minutes of your time when seing a different post of Ecooolife on your social media, sharing it and giving to us your opinion with a simple "I like it", "I'm not sure" or "I didn't like it" the product. And your anonymous vote will be available for all beneficiaries of your region, increasing their chances of success in this new business venture when choosing the right product accourding with its acceptance. And with this simple gesture you will be:


Empowering your country, creating millions of business opportunities for poor and unemployed people.


Helping on our global fight against misery and unemployment creating a safe place to anyone that may loose their jobs in the future.


Saving the planet of its declianence, increasing social and ecological behavior, what consequently will be constantly increasing your own quality of life, and garanteeing a better place for the next generations including of your own familly. 




  • All Ecoolife products are owned by Ecoolife`s Beneficiaries, and no company is allowed to produce our products. Please respect this project that may be our only chance to save the planet and finish with poverty and misery around the world.
  • Beneficiaries are authorized to produce any of the Ecoolife easymanufacturable versions, all other versions are exclusivity  of the company that developed it.
  • Beneficiaries cannot have employees (This measure was created with the intention to give the same opportunity to all people.)
  • Anyone who wants to be part of ecoolife, either as beneficiary, institution or developer, must fill out the form of inscription to be approved.


To understand better how this business model work, please visit the page About Us
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